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B. Eng. Engineering and Management

General Information
DegreeBachelor of Engineering
Credits180 ECTS
Standard Period of Study6 semesters
Start of Studieswinter semester
Language of InstructionEnglish
Restricted Admissionyes
Form of Studyon-site, full-time, international
Tuition FeesNone

Programme Characteristics and Goals

The Bachelor's programme  in Engineering and Management at the University of Applied Sciences  Merseburg and the Martin Luther University (MLU) Halle-Wittenberg trains  competent engineers in an inspiring, international environment with  small class sizes and provides students with a comprehensive knowledge  of both economics and language skills.

You will be able to understand and analyse international markets as  well as technical and logistical processes. You will become familiar  with the technical equipment and production facilities entrusted to you.  Through your training in Germany and integrated German language  classes, you will also gain the key to establishing future business  relationships and effectively shaping international production chains  and trade relations.

Applicants to our programme have a genuine interest in engineering  and natural sciences, have links to business studies / economics, and  possess an excellent proficiency in English. Additionally, international  applicants have the desire to immerse themselves in a multilingual  environment and will professionally benefit from a strong command of the  German language by the end of their studies.

Engineering and Management

Engineering and Management

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BSc Engineering and Management are engineers  with business qualifications and intercultural competencies. They  understand and analyse international markets, but also master technical  and logistical processes in production facilities. Due to the fact that  the programme is studied in English, graduates are able to establish  cross-border business relationships and effectively participate in  international activities.

Programme Structure

The curriculum comprises the following components:

  1. Engineering (75 CP)
  2. Business and economics (45 CP)
  3. Language (25 CP)
  4. Intercultural knowledge (5 CP)
  5. Internship (18 CP)
  6. Thesis (12 CP)


The fundamentals of the natural sciences are laid down in  mathematics, physics, and chemistry courses. Then, engineering  fundamentals are taught by focusing on materials science, fluid  mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and electrical engineering.  In-depth courses are then offered in different fields of process  engineering, such as process engineering, equipment in processes,  process control, and sustainable energy supply. Then, in so-called  compulsory electives, students can specialise in biotechnology,  environmental technology, computer-aided design (CAD), and plant  engineering. These modules are run by Merseburg University of Applied  Sciences in a very application-oriented manner and have a large  practical component.

Business and Economics

Key modules in financial accounting, statistics I and II, cost  accounting, and principles of investment as well as a large selection of  other elective modules are offered by the Martin Luther University  Halle-Wittenberg. These modules will complement your engineering skills  with a management perspective.


Language is the key to understanding. The programme is taught in  English, but international students will benefit from integrated German  language classes as part of their curriculum.

Intercultural Knowledge

Intercultural knowledge is invaluable for successful communication in  an international context, so this topic will be addressed and taught in  a very specific module.

Sample schedule
BEng_EngMgt_SampleSchedule.pdf (269.4 KB)  vom 08.08.2022

Management Engineering

Management Engineering

Application/Selection/Admission Process

This is a joint programme with the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg which also handles the application and admission process. For detailed information, please visit the website of our partner university    and contact Ms Pars below.

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Carmen Pars

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06217 Merseburg

phone: +49 - (0)3461 - 462857