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Studying abroad


Application period for a semester at EWHA W. University ends on August 10, 2024

Dear students,

If you are interested in a semester abroad at EWHA Womans Univeristy in Seoul, South Korea, please note an important change from previous years: the application period this year starts on July 1 and ends on August 10, 2024!

Second application period for Erasmus semesters in summer 2025

Dear students,

From July 1 to August 10, 2024, you can apply for remaining places for an Erasmus-funded semester abroad at one of our partner universities. Please note that the total number of places is valid for an entire academic year. Due to places already allocated for winter semester 2024/25 and postponements, not all partner universities may be available. In the table below you will find the number of places currently available and, in brackets, the total number of places available in each academic year.

Important information

Students of business and economics can apply for a subsidised study abroad programme at one of the universities listed below.

Here you will find guidelines on the application process as well as subject-related information on the Learning Agreement.

  • Please inform yourself first on this page, the International Office and the links below.
  • For questions that do not concern the application process, please contact the International Office.
  • Prepare the Learning Agreement for recognition of the courses at MLU as soon as you have received an acceptance letter. If you have any questions regarding the Learning Agreement and the crediting of courses, please contact the Examination Office and read the notes on the Learning Agreement.

If you are considering applying for the exchange programmes, please note that studying abroad always requires personal responsibility and self-organisation, which cannot be taken away from you by anyone.

ERASMUS+ Partner Universities

Partner universityDuration per placeNumber of places available (in total)Notes
1-2 semesters1 (2)
1-2 semesters1 (1)
1 semester2 (2)
1-2 semesters2 (4)Language certificates:
Italian - Language Proficiency Report at least B1+ and/or
English - TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
1 semester2 (2)master students only
1-2 semesters1 (2)bachelor students only
1-2 semesters1 (2)
1-2 semesters4 (4)
1-2 semesters1 (2)
1-2 semesters2 (2)
1-2 semesters4 (4)
1-2 semesters1 (2)
1 semester5 (5)
1-2 semesters0 (2)
1 semester1 (1)
1-2 semesters1 (2)
1-2 semesters4 (4)bachelor students only
1 semester2 (4)
1-2 semesters4 (4)bachelor students only
1-2 semesters15 (15)Language certificate:
English B2
1-2 semesters3 (3)Language certificate:
English B1

Table last updated on 19/03/24


  • Due to places already allocated places and postponements, the number of currently available places may vary in each nomination cycle. The number of places currently available is given without guarantee.
  • Students interested in the programme "Economics" at the Deutsch-Türkische Universität are kindly requested to contact Dr. Tobias Weirowski from the Chair of Empirical Macroeconomics.
  • The availability of Master's courses at the University of Budapest may be limited.
  • In the ERASMUS+ programme, it is possible to express a second preference. In this case, please state this clearly on the application form (Note: The first choice will be given priority).
  • The grade point average at the end of the application deadline should be 3.0 or better in the ERASMUS+ programme.
  • Students in higher study cycles (e.g. PhD) will receive more detailed information on the eligibility for funding for a semester abroad after individual request by e-mail.
  • Further information concerning the organisation and the ERASMUS+ scholarship can be found on the pages of the International Office.

EWHA Womans University, Seoul

Partner universityDuration per placeNumber of places
South Korea
1 Semester8


  • Application is only possible once a year in August for the following academic year (see application).
  • In order to receive sponsorship, 30 ECTS must be completed at EWHA Womans University. This must also be taken into account before the stay abroad when concluding learning agreements.
  • An exchange takes place in the spring semester (March - June) or in the autumn semester (September - December).
  • Organisational: Confirmations will be sent out around mid-September. Please remember to make an appointment in good time regarding the issuing of a passport (Bürgerservice). This is especially important for students who will be attending EWHA in the spring semester, as a copy of their passport is required for application to EWHA by mid-November of the previous year. You may need to arrange this appointment before official acceptance.
  • Important information on the Learning Agreement for the crediting of courses at EWHA Womans University:
    • 3 credits at EWHA are equivalent to 5 credits at MLU

Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing

Within the scope of the cooperation between the Institute of Business Law and the Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, China, 17 students of the Faculty of Law and Economics are given the opportunity to study in China for one semester every year. The courses offered there include five English-language lectures in the field of business law. In addition to the opportunity to improve their English proficiency, students can acquire a basic knowledge of Mandarin.



  • Satisfactory knowledge of the respective national language or English (see language certificates/recommendations)
  • German language skills for the application process (understanding forms etc.)
  • First-time participation in the ERASMUS+ programme (in the respective stage of studies, i.e. Bachelor or Master)
    • Bachelor: from the 3rd semester
    • Master: at any time
  • For the EWHA Womans University, a grade point average of 2.5 or better is required!

Language certificates/recommendations

  • On the following website you will find a list of the respective language recommendations: ERASMUS+ language recommendations
  • Language certificates are required for the following universities:
    • Milan - Cattolica University:
      Italian - Language Proficiency Report min. B1+, if courses in Italian are to be attended and/or English - TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (e.g. proof of major studies in English), if courses in English are to be attended.
    • Budapest - University of Technology and Economics:
      English B2, additional to the test listed at the website    of the university, the OLS Test    is accepted
    • Veszprém - University of Pannonia:
      English B1

Required documents

  • Curriculum vitae incl. application photo
  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of the intermediate diploma certificate or transcript of records
  • Application form (see below)
  • stating the desired duration of the study abroad program and the desired partner university
  • Language certificate(s) (if available or required, see above)

CV and letter of motivation must be written in German and in the relevant national language or required foreign language in accordance with the language recommendations.

The complete application documents must be sent as a PDF file by e-mail to .

In order to contact you, your information should be clearly readable.

The following form must be completed in full:

Application form for ERASMUS+, currently only available in German
Bewerbungsformular_ERASMUS+.pdf (298.9 KB)  vom 19.03.2024

Bewerbungsformular_EWHA.pdf (374.3 KB)  vom 17.11.2022

Application periods

Application periodPeriod abroad

January 01, 2024 - February 10, 2024

Winter semester 24/25 or summer semester 2025

July 01, 2024 - August 10, 2024

Remaining places in summer semester 2025

July 01, 2024 - August 10, 2024

EWHA Womans University, Seoul:
Spring semester 2025 (March-June) or Fall semester 2025 (September-December).

ERASMUS+ Course Crediting/ Learning Agreement

You will receive the corresponding link to the portal for the conclusion of an electronic learning agreement by e-mail from the International Office after being nominated (does not apply to the EWHA).

Exclusively in case the digital process does not work, you can alternatively use the following document. Only a fully completed and signed document is valid.

Learning_Agreement_Study_Mobility_International.docx (72.3 KB)  vom 12.07.2022

Related links


Please check this page and the pages of the International Office before contacting us.

Please use the student email address provided by the university, as this is the only one that can be used for data security reasons.


Christin Haberkorn

room 005
Große Steinstraße 73
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49(0)345/5523365
fax: +49(0)345/5527280

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin rund um den Austausch mit der EWHA W. University
Your contact for all matters relating to the exchange with EWHA W. University

Sprechzeiten: nach Vereinbarung


Nico Holfeld

room 005
Große Steinstr. 73
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49(0)345/5523369
fax: +49(0)345/5527280

Ihr Ansprechpartner rund um den ERASMUS+-Austausch
Your contact for ERASMUS+ exchange programs

Sprechzeiten: nach Vereinbarung


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kraft

Große Steinstr. 73
06108 Halle (Saale)

Auslandsbeauftragter des wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bereiches
Departmental coordinator

Frequently asked questions

  • FAQ 1: Is it generally necessary to talk to the departmental coordinator?

No, all information from the departmental coordinator is provided here on the website.

However, if you have any questions about the application or need an appointment, you can contact the departmental coordinator by email at In such a case, please ask all questions in advance in your email so that a quick processing is possible.

  • FAQ 2: What information will I receive from the coordinator?

The coordinator is only responsible for technical questions.

You will receive information on the application procedure and, if necessary, additional subject-related information.  All relevant information can be found on this page.

General information on planning your studies abroad and information on other questions can be obtained from the International Office and on the International Office website.

  • FAQ 3: What is the application procedure?

The first step is to apply for the desired study place with the documents required above. Details on the application process (deadlines, documents, etc.) can be found on this page. As soon as the selection is completed, you will receive a notification by email.

Once you have been accepted, the International Office will contact you to clarify the next steps. There you will receive all further information as well as further assistance.

  • FAQ 4: Do I have to submit my application in the national language or in English?

The application must always be submitted completely in German and additionally in the respective national language. Applications for the universities in Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary can also be submitted in English.

  • FAQ 5: I have found different application deadlines for my university of choice. Which one is correct?

The application deadlines on this page apply to the first step of your application: the application to the departmental coordinator. These deadlines are valid and binding.

Other deadlines may be relevant for the further process after an acceptance. Information on this can be obtained from or on the pages of the International Office.

  • FAQ 6: What should be considered when preparing the Learning Agreement?

Start preparing the LA as soon as you receive the acceptance letter, as experience has shown that this takes a long time and has to be checked by various offices.

The LA cannot be submitted directly to the subject coordinator. A digital Learning Agreement must be prepared (link will be sent by the International Office after nomination).

EWHA exchange students submit their completed Learning Agreement to the Examination Office.

If you have any questions regarding the Learning Agreement, please contact the Examinations Office.

  • FAQ 7: How is satisfactory knowledge of the respective national language or English defined?

The introductory courses and lectures are held in the respective national language or in English. In order to be able to follow them and to be able to cope on site without any problems, we recommend the following language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: ERASMUS+ language recommendations

Find out about the respective course languages on the websites of the partner university.

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