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Information for First Semester Students

MLU and the School of Economics and Business offer a comprehensive orientation programme to facilitate a smooth start to your first semester at MLU.

Student Handbook

We have crafted a student handbook for all students at the School of Economics and Business that will help you familiarize yourself with all important aspects of your studies.

Studienhandbuch - Teil I - Alle Studiengänge
Teil I - Alle Studiengänge.pdf (1.8 MB)  vom 25.09.2023

Student Handbook - Part I - All Study Programmes
Part I - All Study Programmes.pdf (1.8 MB)  vom 25.09.2023

For select programmes, part II provides additional programme-specific information. Please make sure to read part I of the handbook first.

Studienhandbuch - Teil II - WiWi 120 und 60
Teil II - BSc Wirtschaftswissenschaften 120 und 60.pdf (1.1 MB)  vom 23.06.2022

Student Handbook - Part II - BSc Business Economics
Part II - BSc Business Economics.pdf (968.5 KB)  vom 04.08.2021

Student Handbook - Part II - MSc European and International Economics
Student Handbook Part II - MSc Europäische und internationale Wirtschaft.pdf (612.8 KB)  vom 25.09.2023

Please read part I and part II (if applicable) carefully and do not hesitate to ask any remaining questions about the organization of your studies during our Q&A session.

Orientation Week

MLU holds an orientation week    for first semester students from 01.10. - 06.10.2023, where we provide information about a broad range of topics including accommodation, financial support, planning your career, studying abroad or studying with children.