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Abstracts SoSe 2019


Prof. Martin Hemmert, Seoul, Korea

"Tiger Management: The Global Competitiveness
of Korean Firms."

Throughout the last several decades, Korean companies have become strong global competitors in a wide range of manufacturing industries. They have achieved this exceptional performance by applying a set of managerial practices which may be described as “Tiger Management”. Combining original Korean with Japanese and American practices, Korean companies have adopted a wide range of distinct managerial routines in strategic planning, strategy implementation, corporate leadership, and human resource management. These practices are highly effective in global competition, particularly in fast-moving business environments with high uncertainty, such as high-tech industries and emerging markets.

Herr PD Dr. Christian Growitsch, Fraunhofer

"Competition and Regulation as a Means of
Reducing CO2
Emissions: Experience from U.S. Fossil Fuel
Power Plants."

Levels of CO2 emissions from electricity generation in the U.S. have changed considerably in the last decade. This development can be attributed to two factors. First, the shale gas revolution has reduced gas prices significantly, leading to a crowding out of the more CO2-intensive coal for electricity generation. Secondly, environmental regulations have been tightened at both the federal and the state level. In this article, we analyze the relative CO2 emission performance across 48 states in the U.S. using a two-stage empirical approach. In the first stage, we identify the states that followed best practice between 2000 and 2013, by applying nonparametric benchmarking techniques. In the second stage, we regress our CO2 emission performance indicators on the state-specific national gas prices, the states’ CO2 regulatory policies and a number of other state-specific factors in order to identify the main drivers of the developments. We find that the CO2 emission performance improved on average by 15% across all states from 2000 to 2013. Furthermore, our second-stage results support the argument that decreasing natural gas prices and stringent regulatory measures, such as cap-and-trade programs, have a positive impact on the state-specific CO2 emission performance.

Herr Lucio Palazzo, University of Salerno

"Passing networks and game style in football
teams: Evidences from European champions".


Summary statistics of football matches (such as final score, possession and percentage of completed passes) give in general poor information about style of play seen on the pitch. On such bases, it is generally difficult to quantify how teams are different from each other. The focus is on the analysis of weighted and directed passing network of football teams. In particular, descriptive measures and structural features of networks are analyzed in order to evaluate different team strategies in terms of team passing behaviour by using passage interactions among players. The main contribution is twofold: on one side is showed how structural properties measured through triadic census are able to distinguish among different styles of play. Useful graphic visualization for the comparison of teams and their own level of interaction between players are provided. On the other hand, passing network indices and structural properties are used to better predict probability of winning the match. Data include team passing network regarding 96 matches in the group stage of UEFA Champions League 2016-2017, involving 32 European teams.

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