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Abstracts WS 2013/14


Critics vs. creators leading Innovation (Sinah Fornol, Julia Müller)

As the aim of the project is to identify the role that critics play in
the innovation process, we have to deal with critics in detail. Therefore, we differentiate between expert critics and non-expert critics. Expert critics are professional reviewers who have a certain level of expertise. They normally adopted a standardized reviewing process in order to evaluate the quality of a service or a product. In contrast, non-experts is everybody else who evaluates
the same service or product and publishes it (e.g. in online communities). Specifically, we try to find answers to the following questions.  (1) Do firm leader-creators incorporate the
results of critics in their innovation processes as their leadership task? (2) How do firm leaders incorporate expert and non-expert critics in their innovation processes? (3)  What is the relationship
between  leader-creators and critics in leading industry innovation?


Zuarbeiten zum Forschungsbericht (Frank Meisel, Christian Bierwirth)

Zuarbeiten_Forschungsbericht.pdf (172,7 KB)  vom 28.11.2013

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