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Abstracts SoSe 2016

"Staging Strategy": Using Video Data to Explore Strategy Realization in Keynote Speeches (Matthias Wenzel)
While  research on strategy process and practice has investigated extensively  the role of communication in strategy formation, it has devoted little  attention to how firms communicate their messages to consumers to  realize their strategies. The purpose of this paper is to examine the  discursive and bodily features of keynote speeches as a genre of  communication that is dedicated to strategy realization. In an analysis  of video data on Apple Inc.’s keynote speeches, the paper explores the  discursive practices that constitute this genre and suggests that the  discursive statements that these discursive practices produce are  mediated by specific gestures, thus making keynote speeches come to life  as „staged performances“ through the embodied enactment of discursive  practices.

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