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Sample Schedules

Recommended Schedules for Bachelor Students

In the annex of your study regulations, you find recommended semesters for all your modules. If you follow these recommendations, you will complete your studies in the regular period of studies. However, you can also create your personalized schedule as many modules are non-consecutive and may thus be completed in any order.

For an overview of all modules in your study program, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in on Stud.IP
  2. Select "Search"
  3. Select the "module index" tab
  4. Select "courses of study"
  5. Select your study program and you will see your complete module list with recommended semesters

You can enter the courses that correspond to your modules by searching and entering them. You may then browse all the the modules under "courses" and view your schedule under "planner".

Please find below sample schedules for first semester Bachelor students for your convenience:

BSc Betriebswirtschaftslehre
BSc_BWL_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (78.7 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

BSc Business Economics
BSc_BusEcon_SampleSchedule.pdf (75.4 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

BSc Volkswirtschaftslehre
BSc_VWL_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (78.3 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

BSc Wirtschaftsinformatik
BSc_WI_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (78.6 KB)  vom 10.09.2020

BSc Wirtschaftswissenschaften 120
BSc_WiWi120_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (72.7 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

Wirtschaftswissenschaften 60
BSc_WiWi60_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (68 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

MSc Accounting Taxation Finance
MSc_ATF_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (72 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

MSc Betriebswirtschaftslehre
MSc_BWL_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (73.1 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

MSc Europäische und internationale Wirtschaft
MSc_EIW_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (72.3 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

MSc Human Resources Management
MSc_HRM_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (73.2 KB)  vom 23.04.2020

MSc Wirtschaftsinformatik
MSc_WI_Beispielstudienplan.pdf (71.5 KB)  vom 23.04.2020