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Information for First Semester Students

MLU and the School of Economics and Business offer a number of orientation events to facilitate smooth start into your first semester at MLU.

Orientation Week

MLU hold an orientation week    for first semester students from October 27 to 30 where we provide information about a broad range of topics including accommodation, financial support, planning your career, studying abroad or studying with children. Depending on Corona, the orientation sessions will be held in presence or online. The orientation week culminates in the enrollment ceremony on October 30 at the university square.

Introduction Session

The School of Economics and Business has schedule two introduction session for all first-semester students:

  • 3. November, 14 - 16 Uhr,  Steintor: Freshmen of the programmes Betriebswirtschaftslehre 180, Volkswirtschaftslehre 180 und Wirtschaftsinformatik 180
  • 6. November, 17 - 19 Uhr,  Volkspark: Freshmen of the programmes  Wirtschaftswissenschaften 120, Grundlagen Wirtschaftswissenschaften 60

We will briefly introduce our school and share valuable information about the organization of your studies. You will also have the opportunity to approach us with any remaining questions you may have.

Program Introduction Sessions

We offer additional introduction sessions for our Master's programs as well as select other programs. In these session you will be introduced to you program staff and discuss organizational issues relevant to your program.

BSc Business EconomicsIntroduction Session I / Mentor / Tutors02.11.16:00tba
BSc Business EconomicsIntroduction Session II03.11.10:00tba
MSc ATFEinführungsveranstaltung02.11.8:00tba
MSc BWLEinführungsveranstaltung / Mentor / Tutor03.11.10:00tba
MSc EDSPEinführungsveranstaltung / Mentor / Tutor03.11.8:00tba
MSc EIWEinführungsveranstaltung / Mentor / Tutor02.11.14:00tba
MSc HRMEinführungsveranstaltung / Mentor / Tutor02.11.10:00tba
MSc WIMentor / Tutortbatbatba

Mentoring and Tutoring Programme

We are currently scheduling a mentoring and tutoring programme for all freshmen this year. You will be divided into small groups and welcomed by a professor. A student tutor will further provide information abou your studies, our online platforms and other topics. There is also time for questions and a quick tour of the campus.

The groups will be set up once enrollment has concluded in the second week of October and assigned to mentors/tutors. Groups, times and locations will then be announced here.

Organizing your Studies

You program introduction sessions will provide relevant information for the organization of your studies. In preparation, you should familiarize yourself with your program's current study and examination regulations and our online platforms Löwenportal and StudIP. You will receive your login information as you enroll with MLU. For your assistance, we provide the following information material:

  1. Videos for first semester students answer numerous common questions about your studies at MLU and our online platforms. They are not currently available in English but planning to upload an English version soon.
  2. Sample schedules give you an idea of how to organize your first semester and serve as a starting point for your personalized schedule.
  3. MLU IT services are listed and explained here.
  4. WiWi IT services as well as an overview of both staff and infrastructure at our school is provided here.
  5. Student council FAQ:  Student representatives at our school have compiled a comprehensive collection of answers to frequently asked questions. It is not currently available in English but you student council will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.