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General plan (1. semester BSc. BWL)

General plan (1. semester BSc. BWL)
BWL180_1.pdf (426.2 KB)  vom 28.07.2017

recommended schedule for the study in bachelor respectively master

This semester it is for the first time possible to find all offered modules (courses) in studIP. Therefore you are able to put your schedule independently together.

The following procedure is required:

  1. Log in with your Account on Studip
  2. In the upper right panel you find the button “Suche”. In the now opened new task you have to click on “Suche nach Veranstaltung”
  3. In the top view click on ”Studienmodule”
  4. A) With the help of “Schnellsuche” you can look up your study modules and choose your seminars. OR B) You can choose your study program under Master or Bachelor. There you can search and select the modules which you like to participate on.