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25.10.2017Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz (Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics , FH Wien)
Title: Beyond the “Win-Win”: Creating Shared Value requireS ethiCal FrameworkS
08.11.2017Dr. Paolo Perego (Associate Professor in Accounting and Control and the Academic Director of the Department of Accounting & Control, RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Title: Does new corporate disclosure add value? Textual attributes and assurance of Integrated Reporting
15.11.2017Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg (Environmental and Behavioral Economics, university of Kassel)
Title: Cheating under Pressure.
17.01.2018Prof. Dr. Manfred Jäger-Ambrozewicz, HTW Berlin
Title: Estimating Systemic Risk – Comparing Quantile Regressions, Multivariate GARCH Models and/or Copula-based Time Series Models

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